Starting a new project: alphabet nursery poster

Fruit and vegetables alphabet prints. Nursery Moncharis.jpeg

As an illustrator, I'm always seeking for a special project that will not only showcase my hard work but also challenges me; because if it doesn't combine and balance these two aspects I'd probably give it up. My best work is mostly always the projects where I suffered the most. At first I'm excited and anxious to start. I have many ideas swirling around my head and am filled with anticipation and hope. Then, slowly but surely, reality sets in! It's going to require a lot of effort, concentration, and time from me. Suddenly drawing and painting is not only "drawing and painting"... illustration, like all professions, requires many human virtues: order, discipline, strength, flexibility, humility, patience, etc. So my advice when choosing and beginning a new project always consider that it will take more time, resources, and growth from you as an artist and person. However, this is one of the reasons that I love about being an illustrator: "you need to keep moving forward or you will get stuck".

So here is the checklist that I always follow when choosing and starting a new project:


So stay tuned for my Fruit and Vegetables Alphabet Nursery Poster. If you treated your vegetables and fruit as a family when you were young, then... maybe you'll like it!