Meet Alex Heff

So by now you've probably been wondering who is Alex Heff, the illustrator of our comic printable card line. He is our baby cousin, not so little anymore! He has always been the clown in the family: telling jokes, making up stories and making feel everyone welcomed. Alex has a heart of gold! He also has answered the questions of the previous post.

What does illustration mean to you?

It's a nice way to meet aliens, cowboys, fairies, swords, and lasers. Anything my mind imagines can come to life with my illustrations. I love to make up stories. Ever since I was very little, I used to walk around telling stories to myself. Illustration is a way of sharing those stories.

Who are your favorite illustrators?

My favorite illustrators are Jason Thomas Fischbach, Vivienne Medrano, and Brandon Santiago. I also like a lot of artists who post on

What would you like to accomplish with your illustrations?

I'd like to make people laugh. I like to do silly but cute greeting cards.

What are your favorite books?

I love comic books!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

Stop right there! I don't feel qualified. I'm just starting out myself! "Practice makes perfect", that's what my dad always says.