March Meet the Maker (2018)

Flatlay tools Moncharis .JPG

This year was the first time that we participated in Joanne Hawker's MarchMeettheMaker, which is a 31 day Instagram Challenge that runs throughout March every year. And it definitely was a challenge! These were the 2018 prompts.

Our favorite topics were workspace, tools and materials, being a maker, and top tip. You can check all our posts if you go to Instagram @moncharispaper.  However here are the texts of our favorite ones, as well as a selection of MeetTheMaker pics. Monica wrote them all! 

Tools and materials

All of our illustrations begin with a piece of paper and pencil. When we are happy with our design, we move on to other tools and materials. Aimee uses lots of different rulers, microns, markers, brush pens, and calligraphy nibs. Then, she finishes her art on the computer with a Wacom tablet. I, on the other hand, need my lightbox, gouache paints, brushes, polychromes, tombow markers, and ink. I do use sometimes my ipad, but I’m more of an old fashioned kind of girl when it comes to art.

Being a maker means

I believe we are all makers no matter what profession you practice. Aimee and I make greeting cards and art prints. People could say that they are small and insignificant. Perhaps our products won’t reach thousands of people, but if they brighten the day and bring happiness to the individual… then we both believe that this enterprise has been worth it! Maybe people won’t remember us at all, but they will remember the card or art print they received and how it changed the course of their lives for the better… this is why we chose to do this, this is what it means to be a maker.

Top tip / advice

Just star! That’s our best advice. Don’t get caught up in over planning or you will never begin. Yes, you will need to learn things along the way and make corrections, but if you wait until you believe “you know it all” you will never start doing the thing you love, because you become and artist by doing, you become an entrepreneur by building your business, and you become a maker by making. At the end of the day, you will never stop learning and growing as an artist, business persons, or maker… so just start!

Hope to see you next year for this great challenge!