National Card and Letter Writing Month (2018)


April is nearly finished. I hope you've sent all the letters and cards that you wanted. I know that there are writing campaigns going on during this month. The Write_On campaign, I believe, is the most known. Did you participate in any? Every year I'm determined to keep up and write a card everyday but, alas, I never manage to do it! I like that April is dedicated to this activity because it always falls during the seven weeks of Easter: a time for Joy and mirth. And don't you think that writing and sending cards accomplishes this so easily? This year I decided that all the cards I'd write would communicate hope! There is too much division, intolerance and pessimism in the world and close to home too. It's as if we've forgotten the words patience and kindness! As long as we are human, there is hope because we never lose our ability to change for the better. We only have to be patient. Some do the right thing fast; others take their time. But eventually we all get there so let's all be patient and forgiving with one another. All my letters tried to carry this message in some form or other, even if I was only writing a simple thank you note for a gift I had received. So keep writing there is still time to send that special message.

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